4 comments on “The urge to improve my skills.

  1. Your comment about not being the only one to ‘stock-pile’ information made me smile. While I have a shelf of writing books which I do enjoy dipping into occasionally for inspiration my problem is that my email account is full of blogposts about writing/marketing that I intend to read when I get the time (wishful thinking!) and don’t want to get rid of until I’ve at least skimmed it because they might just have that useful piece of information that I need. It all leads to a sense of overwhelm which, if anything, adversely affects the writing. I’m seriously thinking of unsubscribing to many of them and seeing if it makes a difference. After all, the only useful advice is advice that is used!

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  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I have both the shelves full of empty books and email folders full of unread emails. I tend to feel almost every day that I don’t know how to write, but yet I seldom take the time to read all the great content I have access to. I really connected with this post. Thanks!

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