The Miss Gascoigne 1960s mysteries

The Miss Gascoigne mysteries are a traditional style of stories set in Britain in the 1960s and featuring the grown-up Diana ‘Dee’ Gascoigne as an amateur detective who stumbles over dead bodies almost as often as your average dog-walker. In this she is aided and abetted by her baby brother Rob, who helps her to pit her wits against the ‘official’ team of investigators, her kind-of cousin, Inspector Bill Hardy, and his sidekick, Sergeant Nahum ‘Nat’ Porter.

Readers of the Dottie Manderson mysteries will know Diana from babyhood when she makes her appearance into the world in The Last Perfect Summer of Richard Dawlish.

Dee Gascoigne’s life is a mess. Her marriage is over, she’s lost her job, and now she’s recovering from a nasty bout of bronchitis. Her family send her off to stay with an old friend in a small village by the sea. A change of scene and a spot of relaxation should be just what Dee needs as she ponders her future.

But even in a tiny place like Porthlea, malice and danger lurk. Dee quickly discovers there’s nothing like a murder to take her mind off her problems. The local police are not interested, but nothing can stop Dee asking questions. After all, she comes from a long line of nosy women!

If you would like to read a sneak peek of book 1: A Meeting With Murder please click here.

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