Easy Living

This is a novel I first wrote in 1997. The book is called Easy Living, and it’s about death – as always. It’s so hard to know when the time is right to release a book, but after all these years, I’m finally ready. It was published on 29th March 2019.

Half way through writing the first draft, we (crazy kids that we were) moved from Aldershot in Hampshire in the South of England to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. For three frantic months I was separated from my ‘baby’ because for some stupid reason to do with aircraft carry-on allowance, I didn’t pack my manuscript in my hand luggage, but it came by rowboat twelve weeks later with the rest of our possessions. Meanwhile, I decided I may as well write another book… (Dolly, that one was called. No, that’s still not out either. and yes, it’s another murder mystery, this time set in Australia. I’ve got as far as renaming it Baby Girl, as I thought Dolly was a bit too similar to Dottie.)

Please click on the link below to read the chapter one. Warning: contains language some readers may find offensive.

About the book:

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be lying in hospital on life support for months on end, only to find out your nearest and dearest have decided to pull the plug? That’s what happens to Jane Cooper. One minute she’s lying there, enjoying her music and thinking about life, and the next she’s floating through the air with no body! Easy Living is about four spirits trying to find out how and why they died prematurely. But what will they do with the information when they finally find out?

When her spirit leaves her body Jane discovers that is not the end of her life! She is met by three spirits who conduct her to the afterlife. Each of them has tried to hold onto their tenuous link with the living world, and this has held them back from enjoying their afterlife. When they are told they must resolve their issues and come to terms with their deaths, they go back into the physical world to find out the truth about what happened to each of them: John to his home in the 1920s, and lovey-dovey couple Freddie and Sasha have to return to their 1950s era with its bigotry and envy.

But things really take a challenging turn for Jane as the focus shifts to her own death in 2018.

Easy Living is a novel that is part mystery, part fantasy, with a generous dash of romance.

Please click here to read chapter one of

Easy Living

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