The Dottie Manderson mysteries: Books 1-4

dottie 1 night and day new cover for dec 21The Dottie Manderson mysteries: 

Dottie Manderson is the amateur sleuth and heroine of my murder mystery novels set in Britain in the pre-war period of the 1930s. Dottie is a young woman from a wealthy family; she works as a mannequin, modelling fashion for wealthy clients. Dottie has a scary mother, and a beloved, married older sister Flora. Somehow Dottie keeps getting involved in detective work, mainly due to her habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just being plain nosy. And then there’s handsome hero, police officer William Hardy… she’s a wee bit involved with him, too.

To find out more about each book, and for a sneak peek from each, please click on the links below:

Night and Day: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 1

He was perhaps in his early thirties. Fair hair, dark from the rain. One of those moustaches that were all the rage. Blue eyes, very blue like a child’s, wide and astonished-looking. But the blood—oh the blood. So much…

The Mantle of God: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 2

A hard jab from the pistol recalled her to what she was supposed to do, and her fingers trembled on the clasp for the second time that night as she began to undo her necklace. He laughed at her terror, whilst she heard a number of ladies gasp…

Scotch Mist: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 3: a novella

The police officer gave her a grin as he turned to fetch the keys out of a cupboard behind him. ‘Just out the three days, isn’t it? I know you said he was at home with you all night. But we all know it was him what took that deer from Barr Hall. And the laird is also a very good friend of the Procurator. So maybe try and keep your man home at night, m’dear, if you don’t want him to go straight back to prison, this time for a wee bit longer.’

She watched him go through to unlock the cell door. ‘He’s no my man,’ she said softly. Her man was at home, behind the bar of his public house, and he would be ready with his belt when he heard she’d given William Hardy an alibi for the previous night. Her heart felt heavy, she dreaded going home. But what else could she do? She couldn’t let Will go back to jail for the one crime he hadn’t committed. She went out into the sunshine to the little car she’d borrowed from the pub.


The Last Perfect Summer of Richard Dawlish: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 4

Dottie felt the nausea rising in her. How could someone sound so normal, so perfectly reasonable and yet be speaking words of madness?


To read about books 5 and beyond, please click here!


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  3. I love Dottie! She’s one of my favorites and I’m so happy to learn there’s another book! I have been waiting forever! 😄

    • Aww Elisabeth! I’m so glad to hear you like the books. I’m sorry there’s been no new release this year. It’s just been a really tough year! But I’m keeping everything crossed for the publication of the new book around the middle of next year, it will be called Rose Petals and White Lace. And if all goes to plan, a new series, the Miss Gascoigne mysteries set in the 1960s should debut around Easter. The first book is called A Meeting With Murder, and features Diana ‘Dee’ Gascoigne, who is Flora and George’s adopted daughter all grown up. Also, the next German translation should be released around Easter too. Thanks for getting in touch, take care.

  4. Hello Caron. I’m so pleased that you are planning to release Rose Petals and white Lace this year. I’ve just read book 1-6 (couldn’t put them down), I saw book 7 advertised at the end of Book 5,for 2021 release, but then there was no mention of it on Amazon?? I was worried you’d changed your mind. So now I’m happy to wait ( but pleased don’t put it off again LOL).
    Fabulous series, i just love the characters and the suspense. thank you.

    • Hi Sue
      I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting for Rose Petals, I really hope/plan/expect to release it around the middle of this year – I’ve got everything crossed. It was originally supposed to come out in November 2021 – but I hadn’t anticipated the effect of You-Know-What on my life (and many, many other peoples’, of course) – routine was out of the window and in the end I just gave up and gave into the chaos.
      I’m guessing you have no idea how amazing it is to read that someone you don’t know and haven’t met (as far as I’m aware!) loves your work. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. xx

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