The Dottie Manderson 1930s cosy mysteries

The Dottie Manderson mysteries: 

Dottie Manderson is the amateur sleuth and heroine of my murder mystery novels set in Britain in the pre-war period of the 1930s. Dottie is a young woman from a wealthy family; she works as a mannequin, modelling fashion for wealthy clients. Dottie has a scary mother, and a beloved, married older sister Flora. Somehow Dottie keeps getting involved in detective work, mainly due to her habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just being plain nosy. And then there’s handsome hero, police officer William Hardy… she’s a wee bit involved with him, too.

To find out more about each book, and for a sneak peek from each, please click on the links below:

Night and Day: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 1

The Mantle of God: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 2

Scotch Mist: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 3: a novella

The Last Perfect Summer of Richard Dawlish: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 4

The Thief of St Martins: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 5


Coming 2020

The Spy Within: Dottie Manderson mysteries: Book 6







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