Rose Petals and White Lace: Dottie Manderson mysteries book 7 – coming 2022

dottie 7 rose petals and white lace ebook cover

Dottie Manderson’s relationship with Inspector William Hardy has taken on a whole new dimension, and that means getting to know his family. Whilst William is away clearing up the paperwork and red-tape following his recent case against the Assistant Chief Constable of Derbyshire, Dottie attempts to help William’s younger sister and her fiancé put a stop to the malicious occurrences that threaten both their livelihood and their relationship.

Meanwhile, Inspector Hardy has two problems to tackle:

Firstly, the unexpected, rather hostile enquiry into the recent events in Ripley and, secondly – though from William’s point of view, more importantly – will he ever find the perfect romantic moment to take the next big step in his love life?

If you’re intrigued, you can read a little more HERE but it’s just a roughish draft at the moment.