Through Dancing Poppies: Miss Gascoigne mysteries book 2: coming 2023

News headline: ‘Is there a Nazi hiding in Littlebrook?’

No one wants to believe it’s possible. The war may have been over for twenty years, but for many, it’s still raw, still all too recent. Journalists descend on the town, hungry to find their man, vying with one another to find the criminal who has been hiding in plain sight, and expose his crimes to the world.

But who can it be? The respectable schoolteacher, Peter Hawkes? The doctor, Dieter Barning? What about Littlebrook’s mayor, the Honorable Max Cline?

There seem to be an embarrassment of suspects, yet as respectable local MP Mrs Mayer says, ‘It’s disgusting, how dare they suggest such a thing – a Nazi, hiding in our lovely town? I hardly think so!’

Diana ‘Dee’ Gascoigne is not so sure. It’s clear to her that people have travelled to and from Britain since the dawn of mankind, and so why shouldn’t there be someone from central Europe living in a busy and prosperous town like Littlebrook. To Dee, it seems highly unlikely that there wouldn’t be a person of German descent living in the area, and in view of the media hysteria, she wants to find out who it is before the ravening hordes ruin any lives with no justification…

coming in autumn 2023

This wonderful cover image of a poppy is by Agalaya at Shutterstock. The girl image is by clash_gene at Shutterstock.