The Thing Above All Things

In life we all have stuff we love. I’m not talking about our family, obviously (!) we love those. I’m talking about the thing that makes us get up in the morning, that keeps us up late at night, the thing we can’t wait for Monday, or Friday, or whenever, for. The thing above all things, the one thing to rule them all. What is that thing in your life?

Some people love their garden, or their dog, or they like to whittle driftwood into an elaborate recreation of Queen Victoria’s coronation. Some people paint. I do not. I can draw sunglasses. I can draw flower doodles. I can draw little row boats on a wave. That’s all I can draw. I can’t paint. I like to sew but I’m not very good at it, and I can usually buy something better far more cheaply than I can make it. I like to garden, but I get bored after a while, and I feel a reluctance to uproot weeds, as they’re flowers too, right? I like bird-watching, but go into a daydream and forget to actually watch the birds. I like to meditate, but I fall asleep in the middle and wake up with a stiff neck. I like to bake, but can’t be bothered following a recipe, and anyway recipes are just a suggestion, aren’t they, just one of a number of ways you could create a cake? So I write.

What is your one thing? What is your be-all and end-all?

In life we sometimes think, if I were twenty years younger I’d have a go at that. I say, why not now? Why is discovery and experimentation only for the young? How many years might you have ahead of you? Do you want to waste the next twenty thinking, wow I could have done that or learned that or gone there by now. Even if you only have days, weeks, months of life left ahead of you, do you really want to spend that time looking over your shoulder at what you missed?

Do it now. That one thing above all other things. Why not?