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The Refuge: a story about love, family, and surviving a catastrophe

Anna believed war was just weeks away. No one had wanted to listen when she had told them what was about to happen and she was fired from her journalist job. The allies were not allies at all but invaders.  

Anna fled to a new place in the country and with her new love, out-of-favour military advisor Mark Winter, she laid plans for events she hoped would never come but feared imminent. Then suddenly, sooner than expected, one terrible night, the nation’s fragile peace was shattered by the sound of falling bombs. Her community was destroyed, and Anna—along with everyone else—was out of time.  

Now she had to escape—and somehow find a way to survive. Was there any truth in the rumour that there was a tunnel through the mountain that led to another place, a plain where they could live in safety? If so would it be a refuge—or lead them into danger? 

The Refuge is a story about love, family and surviving a catastrophe from Caron Allan, author of the 1930s cozy mystery series the Dottie Manderson mysteries, and the 1960s Miss Gascoigne mysteries, and also the contemporary Friendship Can Be Murder series. 

Please note: contains some tense and distressing scenes, occasional violence and bad language

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