The Dottie Manderson mysteries

and Day (3)

Reviews of Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery:

‘Five stars! Delightfully entertaining, rich characters, suspenseful, charming all in one; anxiously awaiting the next one!’

‘A finely written mystery: This book is well written and has depth to it. The characters are well rounded and likeable. I enjoyed the mystery its self. I also read the promo for the next book and I intend to buy it’

London, November 1933. Dottie Manderson stumbles upon the body of a dying man in a deserted night-time street. With his last breaths he sings some words from a popular stage show. But why, Dottie wonders? Why would he sing to her instead of sending a final message to his loved ones? Why didn’t he name his attacker?

Dottie needs to know the answers to these questions and so, even though a particular, very annoying, young policeman is investigating the case officially, she feels compelled to carry out her own investigation into the mysterious death.

Introducing a new 1930s female sleuth in a traditional, cozy mystery series set in London between the two world wars, from Caron Allan, the writer of Criss Cross, Cross Check and Check Mate, a diary-based murder not-so-mysterious trilogy set in contemporary Britain.

So, just as a taster, here’s a link to chapter one of Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery. I hope you like it.

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The Mantle of God: a Dottie Manderson mystery.

Can a tiny piece of faded cloth really be worth killing for? Is the past ever truly forgotten? A friend asks Dottie Manderson to find out more about a scrap of fabric found in a dead man’s pocket. But as soon as she starts to ask questions, things begin to happen. It’s not long before someone dies, and

Book 2 of the Dottie Manderson series

Dottie has to wonder if she may be next. What can it mean? Can the insignificant scrap really be a clue to a bloody past and a time of religious hatred and murder?

Join Dottie as she works to uncover the truth of a distant past, and at the same time discover secrets held by her own closest friends and family. In addition to all that, she is forced to admit to her own growing feelings for a certain police inspector. Can William Hardy put the murderer behind bars before it’s too late? Who is behind the recent string of robberies, nicknamed the Dinner Party Thefts by the media? Setting aside his own personal tragedy, Hardy has to get behind the polite façade of 1930s London society to find a killer.

Reviews for The Mantle of God: a Dottie Manderson mystery:

‘An enjoyable read. A little bit of mystery and a little bit of a nice clean romance. I look forward to more books in this series.’

‘Lovely book and mystery. The character development of the 2 main characters, Dottie and William, and some of the more important side ones, Flora, Dottie’s mother and father, and Maple was well written.’



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