Easy Living

This is a novel I wrote in 1997. The book is called Easy Living, and it’s about death – as always. It hasn’t been released yet, who knows, maybe next year? Or the one after that…

Half way through writing the first draft, we (foolishly) moved from Hampshire in the South of England to Brisbane, Australia. For three frantic months I was separated from my ‘baby’ because for some stupid reason to do with carry-on allowance, I didn’t pack my manuscript, but it came by rowboat twelve weeks later with the rest of our possessions. Meanwhile, I decided I may as well write another book… (Dolly, that one was called.)

Please click on the chapters below to read the story. Be warned, it’s a bit tatty round the edges, which is why I am still revising/tweaking.

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three


I have also had trouble pinning myself down to a particular book cover… here are a few of my better attempts. Let me know what you think!