3 comments on “Life writing

  1. Lovingly written but not syrupy sweet. Very well done!!! I like the ending in particular. It arrests us, and endings rarely do that. One false note: the “ridiculously unfairly.” I would choose EITHER ridiculously OR unfairly, but not both. A bit of overwriting there. Otherwise, stellar. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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  2. Trust yourself and just keep writing. You have a sharp memory for details and offer up the kinds of sensory details that bring the past and your writing alive for the reader. I could make suggestions, but I think you should ignore what other people say for the moment and stay with your lively memory and sharp capacity for observation–both for physical detail and psychological nuance. Later, when you have written a good deal more and are ready, find a constructive writing workshop and share your work and theirs. You have ‘it.” Write on!

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