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Paul Nelson – Author of Young Adult Fantasy and other genres

Emma Baird – Multi-genre author extraordinaire

Stuart Aken – Sci-fi and Romance Author

Emily A Steward – Children’s Author

Jenny S Burke YA science/fantasy author revisits!

Catherine Green – Paranormal Fiction Author

Lana Kortchik – Historical Fiction Author

Denise Greenwood – Thriller Author

Nancy Jardine – multi-genre Fiction Author

Giselle Roeder – Life Writing/Memoir Author

Jenny S Burke – Children’s Fantasy Author

Sandra Farris – Mystery Author

and even…me!







2 thoughts on “Author Interviews

  1. I’m attempting to write a dream book, yet am having an extremely hard time thinking of a convincing plot. I recollect once observing a meeting with Christopher Paolini on youtube, and he said some extremely supportive tips and things he did to help the procedure of imagination writing/assembling the plot.

    • Yes, it’s quite difficult sometimes to come up with an idea that will remain strong for a whole novel. I get quite a few ideas that just fizzle away due to lack of substance. But often when I start writing, I don’t always know if the original idea will get me all the way to the end of the story, and also, ideas have a habit of changing on you!

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