The Migrant by Paul Alkazraji blog tour

Once again I’ve been bullied persuaded to take part in a blog tour. This week I’m sharing some info with you about The Migrant by Paul Alkazraji, described as a ‘tense and evocative thriller’.

If you love a thriller with high stakes and emotional drive, then this riveting read is definitely for you!

Since Jude and Alexandria (Alex) Kilburn moved from London to Albania in 2004 to work with the local church, their lives had not been without incident. Jude, an English Literature graduate from the city of Leeds, had overcome major obstacles to publish the biography of Albanian ex-criminal convert Mehmed Krasnichi. After reading this book in London, a young Albanian from Shkodër gave up on his intent to carry out a blood-feud murder. He then came to warn Mehmed about a former criminal associate of his, Kushtrim Dede, who was angered over the book.
That same year, when Jude visited Istanbul with a short- term mission team, he was singled out by Turkish ‘lone wolf’ Sheref Dushman, who pursued him back to Albania to attack him. Alex had a dream about this before it happened and told Jude so. He had been sceptical. Jude’s closest friend, policeman Shpetim Gurbardhi, was killed by Sheref as he intercepted him. From then on, Shpetim’s father, Skender, blamed Jude for the loss of his beloved son. What follows took place four years after these events, in the summer of 2012.


My Review:

I’d give this book 5 stars.

The cover image put me in mind of a cowboy, and in fact, this story is a little like those cowboy sagas of old, where the hero undertakes a perilous journey into the wilderness. This is a tense, thought-provoking and at times, difficult read, confronting real world issues of deep human need that are right now very much at the forefront of discussion by politicians, aid workers and humanitarian organisations around the world. The story takes the reader on a journey: a quest to find a missing man, and no matter the personal cost they must be prepared to make a great sacrifice. Hold on tight for a bumpy ride!

A little bit about the author: 

Paul Alkazraji worked as a freelance journalist in the UK from the mid-nineties. His articles were published in Christianity Magazine, The Christian Herald, The Church Times, The Baptist Times and other publications. His travel articles were also published in The Independent. His first book Love Changes Everything, a collection of seven testimonies, was published by Scripture Union in 2001. His second book Heart of a Hooligan, a biography of ex-football hooligan Dave Jeal, was published by Highland Books in 2000. His third book Christ and the Kalashnikov, a biography of missionaries Ian and Caralee Loring, was published by Zondervan in 2001. From 2004 to 2010 he was editor and publisher of Ujëvarë magazine in Albania. His first novel, ‘The Silencer’, was published by Highland Books in 2012. His new novel, ‘The Migrant’, set in Albania and Athens during the austerity troubles, was published by Instant Apostle in February 2019.


Fascist populists, callous sex-traffickers and murderous mafia gangs – these were not what Pastor Jude Kilburn had expected to face when he moved to Albania. But when vulnerable 19-year-old Alban disappears from his poverty-stricken village to seek work in Greece, Jude has to undertake the perilous journey across the mountains to try and rescue him from the ruthless Athenian underworld. Accompanied by a volatile secret-service agent and a reformed gangster, Jude soon finds himself struggling to keep everyone together as personal tensions rise and violent anti-austerity riots threaten to tear them apart and undermine the mission. Caught between cynical secret police and a brutal crime syndicate, the fate of them all will be determined by a trafficked girl – but not every one will make it home. The Migrant is a tense and evocative thriller with a powerful redemptive twist.

You can buy Paul’s book by clicking here!

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#THEMIGRANT @paul_alkazraji


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