4 comments on “Catching up with romance and fantasy author Emma Baird

  1. Thanks ever so much for revisiting my interview and all the kind comments. Library events, hmm? I wonder when we’ll get the chance to do one of those again… but if we do, I’ll be Midlands-bound! x


  2. Was that library event really over 2 years ago? Ouch! But the pair of you might be able to do a joint video event?

    Re chocolate: although I’m missing grandchildren and golf by the coast greatly (not necessarily in that order!), my wife Katherine has discovered something rather wonderful to do with chocolate, crushed digestive biscuits, syrup and marshmallows.:)


    • Actually yes, I’ve checked and it was November 2018, so only eighteen months ago, just the week before my mother died. Gordon, your wife is clearly a genius! Just the list of ingredients is making my mouth water. Hopefully when ‘all this’ is over, the golf and grandchildren will be the first things you are reunited with. I’m looking forward to coffee and cake in a cafe. Simple pleasures.


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