5 comments on “Hats

  1. I love your family hat photos – and yes, the hats of the 20s and 30s were divine. Harry Benson, the Glasgow photographer, took photos of the crowds at football matches decades ago and every singe man had a hat on. In this day and age they are strange to look at.

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  2. Hats tell you a lot about a male car driver. Be wary of drivers with baseball caps, who seem to be disproportionately aggressive nutters. If you find yourself behind a cloth-capped driver, be ready for your journey to take a little longer, especially cloth-capped with sticking-out ears.

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    • All our cab drivers wear turbans. I like the turbans that are navy blue or a deep red. Sometimes the guys make no effort at all and just wear white or black ones. Very disappointing.


    • Ah well, in the Midlands we are lucky enough to have a very multi-cultural society, so a much bigger pool of turbans to draw from. Sorry about the mixed metaphor.


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