11 comments on “Plodding on…and a sneak peek

  1. From one Caron to another, and from one writer to another, thanks for sharing your writing process. Isn’t it great that we can now bring up calendars for any year via the internet? I remember writing in the early 1990s, when it was all very rudimentary, and having to spend ages trying to work out the dates and days.
    I am loving your Dottie Manderson series, and am currently half-way through book 2. It’s so well written and intriguing, I can hardly put it down. I wish there were 10 of them!
    By the way, I was named after the French dancer & actor Leslie Caron.

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    • The internet has made so many things a lot easier! I still have a lot of my early drafts from the 80s and 90s, not quite fit for general viewing! But, oh Caron, I feel I have pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes somewhat. Let me tell you a ‘secret’. No one’s listening, are they? Caron is not really my name. It’s actually Carolyn (hate it, always have). But I needed a pen name, and the two I thought of were already taken, so in a moment of panic I came up with Caron just by simply dropping the ly. But when I search on my own name on social media, I invariable get offered Leslie Caron! I’m so glad (relieved) you like the books. There will eventually be at least ten. I’m working on Book 4 as we speak, and hopefully 5 and 6 will be out next year. If you look on the ‘My Books-The Dottie Manderson mysteries’ page, you will see my ideas for the covers for the books up to number nine. I need a cover to get me writing.

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      • Well, what a good name choice! Now with auto-correct, I often am called ‘Carol’ in messages and emails (or people just don’t notice it’s ‘Caron’ not ‘Carol’). Carol seems like such a different name, yet it’s only one letter. And as you say, Caron is so different to Carolyn, but only two letters.
        It’s interesting that you work from a cover idea (and I’m so glad to hear there will be lots of books). I had a firm cover idea and photo for my novel, The Occidentals, but the publisher chose something completely different, though also good. Then the German publishers of hardback and paperback had covers that were so different to each other, they don’t at all look like the same book. One good thing about modern publishing options is being able to choose your own cover, isn’t it?

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      • To be honest, the first few times I saw your name I misread it as Canon Eastgate, and took you for a member of the church!!! Maybe it resonated as I’m fairly sure there’s an Agatha Christie character called Canon Eastgate…. (he was not a good guy (spoiler alert) so soz…)

        I’m a self-published author so I haven’t had the experience of the tricky situation of accepting a publisher’s choice when it doesn’t coincide with my own. I love making my covers myself – I know they look a bit homespun, but it helps me to feel rooted in a story. Occasionally, if I can’t find an image I like to create a cover, I feel like I can’t get started on the story.

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      • That’s so funny! I will have to look up this Canon Eastgate character. Your covers are lovely, by the way, and don’t look ‘homespun’ to me at all—except in a good way, in that they actually match your story. Have now finished all three of the Dottie Manderson books & enjoyed them immensely. By the way, have you written a post about the joys (or otherwise) of self-publishing? One major positive would be not having to wait years from acceptance to publication. I want to digitise my novel and self-publish for a new audience, as the rights have reverted to me. I am re-editing, too!

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      • Good idea for the blog post – I may well do just that. I think a lot of authors are finding new opportunities with self-publishing. I love the control I have, and now, I’m excited to say, I’m earning more than I ever did at my ‘real’ job, so it feels worth the heartache.

        I’m beginning to think I dreamt the Canon Eastgate thing – I haven’t been able to find him on Google!

        I never got as far as Melbourne, but spent five years in Brisbane – it’s damp up there! 🙂 I had a number of Melbourne-born acquaintances – man do you guys have a posh accent!

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      • Ah, beautiful New Zilland! There were so many Kiwis living in Brisbane. Even the buses bore advertising that was New Zealand-related, boasting an airline with ‘Sux Trups Weekly’ !


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