Downhill to the end of the year

I can’t believe it’s actually November (soon to be called NaNovember?) already. I seem to say this kind of thing a lot. Why is time going so fast? Where does it need to be? It could be an age thing. Maybe time isn’t really going faster. It just feels that way. Most of the people I know who say ‘Can you believe it’s November already?’ are geriatrics like me. I’ve even started saying to people, and by ‘people’ I mean total strangers, ‘I’m 57, you know!’ (Having first checked that’s right, because for a while I was saying I was 58, and that was when I was ‘only’ 56). Once upon a time I used to say ‘I’d kill to be 30 again.’ Then it went up to 35, 40 and now I’m saying ‘I’d kill to be 50 again.’ NO ONE says that!! Who would want to be 50 again? Someone who’s older than 50, obviously. Way older…

Our aspirations expand and change to fit our present and our lifestyle. This time last year I was about to have a life-saving cancer operation. Here I am a year later, and feeling fab, if a bit forgetful about my age. At the time, (I didn’t tell anyone this btw, it felt a bit negative, though I didn’t mean it that way), I thought, if I could just have two more years of life that would be wonderful. But a year of that has gone by already, and I’m now hoping to live to my 90s. Or longer, I don’t mind. Because there are so many stories I want to write, and if I just stay on target with my current plan, I’m not going to look up from my keyboard until 2021. And that’s without any new inspirations I don’t yet know about…

Life goes by, is the moral of today’s meandering story. So don’t waste time thinking, ‘One day I will write that book’, or ‘One day I will…(insert lifelong ambition/meaningful pursuit here)’. It is never the right time, you will never have enough confidence to know you’re finally ready, because confidence only comes from facing a challenge and winning, or at least knowing you gave it your all. So stop waiting to feel complete before you step out into the unknown. Just do it, as those sports equipment people say.



4 thoughts on “Downhill to the end of the year

  1. As someone a little older than you, I can only say time seems to go even quicker with each year! How can it possibly almost be Thanksgiving again? I have to say I have tried to stop complaining about it after finding a quote in my weekly diary by a guy called Jean de la Bruyere which says “Those who make the worst use of their time are the first to complain of its brevity.” (Ouch!)

    I like to think time goes so quickly because I want to pack as much as I can into life and there is just not enough time to do everything I want to do.

    Your photo made me smile. When I was in my twenties I wanted to try parachuting but never got around to it and, by my thirties, I’d lost my nerve to do it. Recently I was wishing I had tried it but the thought still makes me anxious so I’ve decided that it would be a good way to celebrate my 95th birthday. I reckon by that age I won’t have much to worry about!

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