Full Release: Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery


My latest book, Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery is now available for all major formats, so please tell your friends!

If you don’t fancy a Kindle eBook or paperback, why not give pdf or ePub a go? Here are the links for a number of different versions:

iPad, also available at iTunes at the Apple Store.

Mobi for Android etc

Nook, also available from Barnes and Noble.

Kobo, also available through Kobo direct.

ePub for Sony, Android etc.

for pdf, lrf. pdb etc

And of course, here once again is the link to Amazon for Kindle and Paperback!

So what’s the book about?

In London, November 1933, a young woman Dottie Manderson, stumbles upon the body of a dying man in a deserted night-time street. As she waits for help to arrive, she holds the man’s hand and tries to get him to tell her what happened. But with his last breaths he sings to her some lines from a popular stage show. But why, Dottie wonders? Why would he sing to her instead of sending a final message to his loved ones? Why didn’t he name his attacker?

Dottie needs to know the answers to these questions and so, even though a particular very annoying young policeman is investigating the case officially, she feels compelled to carry out her own investigation into the mysterious death.

If you’d like to read an extract, please click here: Night and Day: a Dottie Manderson mystery.

Happy reading!

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