5 comments on “These fragments I have shored against my ruin

  1. Thanks for a thought provoking blog. I used “These fragments I have shored against my ruin” as a theme for my blog disquietsite.com precisely because it seems that all the texts and conversations and images which are significant for us make it possible to continue in an otherwise cold and indifferent world which would break us down. Are the experts right about the poem? I had exactly your reaction to this verse and think it’s okay to let TS Eliot’s words impact us in ways beyond the strictures of “the experts”. Great read, thank you!


  2. How could someone tell you interpretation of the line was wrong. It presupposes that there is only definitive reading of any text and that the academic arrogantly knows exactly what the writer thought. If all that were true that would be no Shakespearean scholarship for a start and literature would be frozen in aspic rather than being open to changing interpretation as we and society change.

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