Don’t forget to write!


I have a lot of books. I don’t just mean books that I love to read or browse through for pleasure. I’ve also got a massive number of books on the ‘how-to’ side of writing – books on techniques, style, language. On genre, on creativity, on editing, on how to plot, on how not to plot. On self-publishing, on marketing, on blogging, on research, on building my brand, on building social media contacts, on building a website, on forensics, poisons, weapons, costume, history and psychology. A lot of books. I’ve also got dictionaries, thesauruseseses and THAT yearbook which comes out usually about a month after I bought the previous one.

The thing is, with all this pressure on me to ‘perform’, it’s really easy to forget to do any actual writing.

When I was working outside the home, my writing time was more or less built in to my working schedule automatically. I had a long commute to work on public transport, a whole hour for lunch, and a long commute home again. I could pretty much count on two to three hours per day of writing time, without even impacting on my evenings or weekends. Little did I know back then I was spoiled rotten!

Not any more. Now I have a ten-second commute to my ‘office’ just behind the kitchen. I sometimes have a lunchbreak, and when I do, that’s when I concentrate on my media-frenzy.

So I realise now I’m going to have to get tough with myself. I hate that rather overused phrase ‘carve out some time’, but I have to admit the truth of needing to do exactly that. I’ve got to write it down on my daily schedule and stick to it – nothing can interfere with this special time that I must ‘fence in’ to achieve some new writing every day. Otherwise, when will I ever get round to doing it? And what’s the point of planning and plotting and researching and marketing if I don’t write anything?

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