2 comments on “Looking back – over my shoulder…

  1. A great post – and very honest. I keep a journal which tends to express the ups and downs of my writing process. It’s always useful to go back and see the issues you had with earlier works, especially when they are now published. It reminds you that you can get through the less confident stages – you’ve done it before, you can do it again. Also I find journaling about a current WIP often helps me see potential storylines or solve issues that might not have occurred to me when I’m in novel-writing mode.
    I can’t believe that any writer can claim they don’t struggle – they might not call it writer’s block, but they have to have some moments of self-doubt when the work is not going as smoothly as they would like.


    • Journaling is great therapy for writers – and also for figuring out how you feel about your book and what’s working and not working. Thank you for your kind comments, Mel – also I am now the proud owner of Ulterior Motives – cue music – den den derrr!


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