5 comments on “Old School – life writing and memoir

  1. It’s weird isn’t it that there are teachers out there, even to this day, who can’t actually teach! They don’t seem enthusiastic about their subject but expect the pupil to be! On the other hand those teachers who you tend to like (or love) are generally those who enjoy their subject and want to share it with others. Well written as usual!

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  2. Ah, school days. I used to enjoy school and had an avid need to know everything. Sadly most of my teachers got in the way of my plan to suck up knowledge. I know one thing, they didn’t like to be shown when they were wrong. Great piece Caron.

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      • I know, it was crazy. I remember we were shown a movie clip about Stevenson and his invention of the steam engine. The actor was shown putting the palm of his hand over the spout of a boiling kettle. he held it there and the lid popped up. Viola! he got the idea. I went home and tried it, naturally burning my hand in the process. Next day I told the teacher about my findings, and he yelled at me and put me down something shocking. I never asked another question again.


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