Author Interview – Sandra Farris tells us everything!

This week I thought it would be interesting to do something a little different. Recently (the last two years!) I’ve been really working hard tSandra Farris Nov 2014o boost my social media profile, because as we all know, a writers need a platform and a network. I’ve slowly but surely tried to embrace these somewhat alien (to me) concepts and get myself ‘out there’. The reward for that is meeting loads of amazing writers! Sandra Farris is one of them…

Sandra was press-ganged by me on social media then hounded until she graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Here are her responses:

Hi Sandra, thanks for allowing me to drag you into this. Please tell me, what kind of books do you write?

I write mostly mystery books, but I am trying different genres. I have a ghost story novella written, ready to publish, and have started two children’s short stories.

Writers are very often creative from a young age. What were your earliest influences?

Movies were one of my earliest influences, especially the first Tammy movie (Tammy and the Bachelor). I wanted to write a story like that. The other was my 9th grade English teacher who encouraged me to enter writing contests.  She was my first cheerleader outside my home. Also, I had three younger sisters at that time (became four later), and I would make up stories to entertain them. I soon started writing the stories down and sharing them with friends.

What are you working on at the moment?

I just got the sequel to Can You Hear the Music? back from my editor, and I am working on correcting the mistakes. I’m also working on a book that is a little darker than my other ones. It follows the protagonist’s search to learn the identity and find the parents of a teenager who died as a result of childbirth. Her search takes her into the shadowy world of teens living on the street and their predators.

I can’t wait to get stuck into Can You Hear The Music, as well as others of your books. What can we look forward to in the future from you?

I have a ghost story novella ready to publish. I also want to finish the book mentioned above. I have a couple of projects started, just notes and a few scenes, but I’m not sure about them yet. I also have a short story I “unpublished” to rework, hopefully making it better.

I suppose we take it as read that writers love books. What are you currently reading?

First In Texas by Bob Arnold.

In this digital world we are bombarded with information and ideas. What was the most useful piece of advice you ever received as a writer?

Read, read, read.

Sandra, thank you so much for coming along. And all the best for your next book, I will be waiting impatiently for it. I hope everyone enjoys reading a bit more about you, and watching the wonderful, wonderful trailer for Can You Hear The Music. For further information about Sandra and for more details about her books, please follow the links below.

About Sandra Farris:

Born in Texas, I lived for a time in Los Angeles, California. I later moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I retired from a government job to finally fulfill my dream of being a published author. Having started writing at an early age, it seemed a long difficult road, but I finally got there. I have four novels and two short stories published.

My first love, of course, is writing. Then I love to read, travel (especially cruises) and have been lucky enough to visit several countries abroad.

I am also a cancer survivor, which, aside from my three sons, is probably my greatest accomplishment, then my writing.

I love the desert southwest with its distinct beauty. I like to dabble in amateur photography, and the scenery here tempts me away from my writing at times.

My son created a trailer for my book, Can You Hear the Music? which has won two awards:  Books ’N Sync’s Best Book Trailer, March 2012, and the International Movie Trailer Film Festival 2013.

The link to the trailer is:

He also uploaded a short video showing how he accomplished the visual effects:

Other links:

Linkedin :

Face Book:

My books on Amazon:

My books are also on Barnes and Noble:

My books, Lady Ace and Can You Hear the Music?, are also on ACX audio books.

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