6 comments on “How Much Can An Indie Writer Do For Nothing? (Jam Not Included)

  1. Great post! So true. Your tips about the cover are particularly apt.
    Admittedly, because it’s free to put your eBook on Amazon’s Kindle (plus the other sites), there is a great deal of competition out there. But good writing will get noticed and when people write reviews saying how much they enjoyed reading your book, it makes all that hard work worth while.
    As a writer whose first four novels were originally published as paperbacks, I find preparing a novel as an eBook requires a very different way of thinking – as you say – covers simpler, and with short titles in larger print than for a physical book. And inside – more white space! Long paragraphs are a no-no.
    I agree with you Caron – the advice is – Go for it!


    • That’s so true – some people won’t spend the price of a cup of coffee on an eBook yet it can be read again and again. Or like me they can spend £7 or £8 on a paperback and drop it in the bath – completely ruined and never read! It seems readers still don’t see eBooks as ‘real’ books. we can only wait for things to change, i suppose.


      • Some folk are different Caron, there is just no accounting for taste. I was selling print books at reduced rate today and it was like pulling teeth. I even had 3 eBooks on a new 8 gig usb stick for 10 bucks and it felt as if I was some snake oil salesman. 😦


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