5 comments on “Family History and Fiction Writing

  1. Hi Caron, this is quite a change and interesting too. I’ve been doing family research for a few years. Of course it’s all in England and I’m in Oz, so I’ve had to depend on Ancestry and other sites. Although anything back to 1832, I think is easier to confirm with government docs. I have a little collection of birth/marriage and death certificates. A lot of my mother’s people came from around Liverpool. I was looking at the wedding photo, the woman in the top left hand side in black. She would have to be related to the bride, who doesn’t look too happy at all. Although the groom seems quite chuffed. 😉 Looking forward to next week.


      • I see that and it works. If the reader is interested then they come back the following week, wanting to see how the story goes. It works for me. 🙂 I enjoyed your post, so I nipped over to Ancestry and checked to see if I had any relations named Brown or Young. Nothing.


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