Spring and the zesty urge to create!



Spring is on its way and with it comes that surge of energy and hope – the zesty urge to create something new.  Daffs are opening, crocuses are spreading their bright faces towards that strange yellow object in the sky that we haven’t seen for so long, and in the pond – Frog Lurve is going on.

As the days lengthen and grow warmer, we humans too feel the urge for renewal and growth, we frantically clean our houses as they have never been cleaned before (since last spring anyway) and if the estate agents’ boards are anything to go by, this is the time of year when we suddenly have the desire to move on to pastures new and start something fresh.  We are full of hope and excitement at the possibilities the year ahead holds.

So let’s get out there and try something new!  Make the most of this burst of energy and create, discover, try out and experience.  Sign up for a class.  Meet friends.  Go places, do things you haven’t done before.  Now is the time to expand those  horizons and enjoy life.

3 thoughts on “Spring and the zesty urge to create!

  1. Frog Lurve. Yes spring has sprung, well in the northern hemisphere. The frogs living in our downpipes are getting cranky, it’s not raining. Two came out when we had a real hot spell, so I threw some cold water on them. No it wasn’t to interrupt any frog lurve.

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