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I feel a strange confliction, if that is even a word in this context, of my emotions at the moment with regard to my WIP (work in progress).  On the one hand I am longing for this nightmare to be over (make it stop!!!) but on the other hand I am already feeling a sense of bereavement as I feel the end approaching.  I have spent so much time in close association with this book and the characters, and even though my protagonist is really a monster, I am going to miss her!  Even today, in a coffee shop in town on my way to do the grocery shopping, I sat for almost two hours writing the latest chapter, and the time just flew by!   A couple of times I looked up and around me, saw that there were other people present and that they were mostly talking to friends but there were also a number of people reading and one other person writing.  Words, characters, books are the companions we pull out of our pockets and our bags and briefcases and open up.  It’s not just me.  There are loads of odd people around, and we are all drawn into another world either as reader or writer and sometimes both, so there is a period – however brief – of mourning as one book closes and the next has yet to be opened.

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