So – pensive Mondays

Mondays are weird, aren’t they?  For those who work outside the home, they are a morning deadline, to be dreaded on Sundays and appeased like a greedy god at first light on Monday morning.  If you don’t get up and make your sandwiches and shower and drive to work, maybe the Monday-morning god won’t give you a weekend and your week will be neverending.   As Friday approaches, there is the promise of relief – or for those with decorating to do – at least a change of pace and location.  But Fridays always carry with them the inexorable approach of another Monday and so your working week becomes circular rather than linear in nature, and your happiness tinged with the certainty of another dark cloud looming on your horizon.  of course, I have heard of people who enjoy their work and can’t wait for another week to begin.  Heard of them but never seen them!

For those who stay at home, Monday brings a relief – a return to routine and the solitude of the home after the noise and bustle of the weekend – we embrace the weekend and look forward to it, but that first cup of coffee on a Monday morning is savoured like no other, except perhaps the first school day in September when the children (finally!) go back to school.  it’s not that we stay at home people don’t love our families, it’s just that we are used to our own pace, our own time and space, and the luxury of our own quiet thoughts.

I love Mondays.

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