Welcome to my shiny new blog!

Through this blog I hope to connect with many other readers and writers out there in the ‘ether’ for fun and frolics (now it’s starting to sound like a dating agency!) to reminisce about the books we have read and loved and the trials of trying to persuade your created characters to do as they are told!  I would love for people to tell me what they love and hate about the writing process and to share their own experiences.

Here is a  little about me:

I was born in Kent in the south of England and have lived variously in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire before my family and I moved out to Brisbane, Australia.  We lived there for five eventful years, which provided plenty of material for my novels, short stories and articles.  I mainly write in the mystery/crime genre but I also enjoy dabbling in fantasy fiction.  I am married with two grown up children and now live in Derbyshire, England.  In my everyday life, I have worked in a variety of jobs as a railway ticket clerk, a classroom assistant, a secondhand bookshop assistant, an archivist, and as a university administrator.

When not plotting how to kill people (for the books, of course!) I can often be found trawling the aisles of my local grocery stores in pursuit of everyday items with lethal potential.  Other interests include literary studies, history, cats, cooking, gardening, family tree research and chatting on Facebook!  And I read – boy, do I read!  I am a big fan of a number of contemporary writers but also enjoy the Golden Age of mystery writing.



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